Three Ways to Style a Coffee Table

Three Ways to style a coffee table for any household. 

The coffee table is the center focus of a living room or family room, and there are so many ways to style it depending on your family needs. I have put together three different ways for you to arrange your table. This would work for any decor, and you can pull from different areas in your home to make this spot have its own unique look.

me take 2

3 Ways to Style a Coffee Table

1. Simple (Stylish yet functional) Coffee Table

This simple option is ideal for families with little ones that require a highly functional coffee table that can handle multiple tasks.

Using a tray will help keep things organized and make it easier when you need to clear the table for entertaining, family game night, or a fun race track for the kids. You can combine your favorite items, and the tray makes everything look neat and minimizes clutter. A few examples of different things you could use are fresh flowers, favorite tabletop books (2-3 max), a candle, remotes, and a dish full of candy. Try not to over clutter and only use the things that make sense for your family.

coffee table style 2

coffee table number 2

coffee table9

2. Stacked (Pretty, but not so functional) Coffee Table

This may not be the ideal arrangement for an active family with little ones, but it is perfect for someone who doesn’t plan to be using their table for entertaining purposes.

Using the four corners of the table, stack your favorite tabletop books (2-3 max), and then place your favorite trinket on each stack of books. Books can look neat when organized by size and aligned nicely with the height being roughly the same.  Trinkets can consist of just about anything, just use some of your favorite little items around the house. When you are finished styling your books, place a beautiful flower arrangement in the center of the table.

Pretty Coffee Table Styling

coffee table take 3

coffee table take 2

3. Masculine & Feminine (Pretty w/ a blend of your husband’s decor) Coffee Table

With this option, you share the table with something your husband may treasure and want out on display. Even though my husband could honestly care less how I decorate our home, I think it is nice to put a few things out that he enjoys.

Make sure the chosen masculine pieces are in good taste and do not make the room resemble a bachelor pad. Finding a good balance between masculine and feminine articles makes the room more inviting.  On one- half of the table, I use my tray and organize some of my favorite things; fresh flowers, tabletop books, a beautiful candle, and an antique magnifying glass from my mom. All of these items make me happy, and I love how it looks. On the other half of the table, I display a moose antler my husband found while hiking the woods in Alaska. I think it is an excellent piece and it reminds me of all our wonderful Alaskan memories. I love to blend unexpected things together, and that antler is always a great conversation starter.


coffee table 11

coffee table 20


Variety, varying heights, texture, and shapes create a lovely display. Remember to think about how you need the coffee table to function for your family, pull items from around your house to bring your style to that space, and think of other elements in the room. Just because it is a coffee table, doesn’t mean it should lack attention.

I hope you have enjoyed the three different ways I came up with for styling a coffee table.


Room Details// coffee table // Aquiesse Sandalwood Vanille Soy Candle // Similar square tray // kate spade Vase // Favorite Tabletop Book  // Similar Hurricane Stemmed Candle Holder // Wooden dish tray // Similar large glass vase // Similar Small Gold Geometric Shaped Metal Ball  // similar white vase  // gold figurine is from target // brown decorative ball from west elm





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  1. Michelle, you look absolutely amazing! I love reading your blog as you and your sisters are so talented.

  2. You look stunning! What an interesting topic. I love the masculin look but they are all beautiful. Great job!!

  3. Coffee table and end tables are always a problem for me. Loved your ideas and tips. Please show end tables large and small! I look forward to your blogs and Pinterest post.

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